【yabo1 -yabo2】系列 > AS120-180系列【yabo1 -yabo2】

产品特征   Product feature
yabo1 -yabo2透性材质,宽视野设计,布局合理,尽揽风光。
可满足多种需要,配置夹胶中空【yabo1 -yabo2】、防弹【yabo1 -yabo2】、中空百叶【yabo1 -yabo2】。
Main beam, the beam-level deputy distinctive style full; real materials to meet needs throughout the wind pressure.
High permeability material, wide-field design, layout reasonable, and embrace the scenery.
Can meet a variety of needs, configure the laminated insulating glass, bulletproof glass, hollow glass louvers.
Water condensation in contact with the strip isolated wood finishes, full of humanity, more durable and difficult to use.

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