【yabo1 -yabo2】【yabo1 -yabo2】 > AS120重型【yabo1 -yabo2】

产品特征   Product feature

本产品为新一代高性能平开门【yabo1 -yabo2】,传热系数小,隔声性能好,保温性能优异。
可满足多种需要,选配内置装饰格条,配置夹胶中空【yabo1 -yabo2】、防弹【yabo1 -yabo2】和中空百叶【yabo1 -yabo2】。

This product is a new generation of high-performance casement systems, heat transfer coefficient, good insulation properties, excellent insulation properties.
Duodao seal design, good watertight and airtight performance, to feel elegant space.
Can meet a variety of needs, optional built-in decorative riffles, configure laminated insulating glass, bulletproof glass and hollow glass louvers.
Condensate water guide strips cut into contact with wood finishes, full of humanity, more durable and difficult to use.
Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, strength High Suitable for high-end residential, luxury villas.
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