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Our professional staff at RT Lake provides complete residential and commercial demolition services.


  • Interior


RT Lake INC interior demolition service specializes in bringing new life to unused residential and commercial space. Whether you need one wall removed or 300,000 square feet of space opened up, RT Lake INC has the know-how, equipment, and labor to get the job done safely and on schedule.


Property owners use RT Lake INC demolition services to provide new tenants with a clean space for new construction or to simply remove existing construction so that a potential tenant can better visualize a space’s potential. We will completely gut the interior of any residential or commercial project.


  • Exterior


Need a building torn down? Call us today. Need a house knocked down? Call us today. Need a driveway ripped up and removed? Call us today. What about that old deck on the back of your house? We will destroy and remove that as well. Regardless of the size of the project we have the capability to handle any job you send our way.


  • Disposal


Whether it is getting rid of a dead tree or removing the debris from a site just destroyed we have the equipment and the experience necessary for properly disposing of any material regardless of size or weight.


  • You Call, We Haul!