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In an ideal world, home owners and business owners would never have to worry that their drainage or sewage systems could stop working. Unfortunately, if the drain pipes and lines which connect the sewers to your fixtures fail, this can lead to clogs, broken pipes, and other more serious problems. If such issues are not resolved immediately, the results can be messy and very costly. Lines and drain pipes which connect the sewers to your fixtures must be functioning properly at all times.
RT Lake, we provide a full range of services to repair or replace sewer lines. Throughout NH, VT and New England, many regions have sewage systems installed which are old and outdated. Aging materials used in these systems start to corrode and deteriorate over time, which can cause more serious septic system problems to occur if prompt action is not taken.
We will quickly identify any problems which may be occurring and take appropriate action to solve them. We use the most recent equipment and techniques to ensure that any issues related to your drain pipes and lines are fixed in a professional and timely manner.

During the cold winter months in NH nd surrounding states, frozen sewer lines occur rather frequently. Frozen lines typically occur in areas where frost can set in. In order for a sewer line to freeze, it usually has some type of problem which causes the line to hold water and not drain effectively.
If frozen lines problems are not treated quickly and professionally, this can lead to more severe and costly sewer related issues. At RT Lake we utilize effective jetting techniques to thaw sewer lines and help prevent additional potential damages from occurring.

At RT Lake, we use modern jetting and electric snaking techniques to effectively clean out drain and sewer lines. Jetting is a technique which shoots high pressure water through a hose with a specially designed nozzle to remove clogs and clear debris from pipeline interiors. This is a very effective technique for removing waste materials from pipes.

Jetting is also a highly effective technique for removing sediment from pipes used for floor drains and catch basins. As time progresses, pipes can start accumulating sediment, dirt, sand and other types of debris. The life span of your septic system can be prolonged by removing sediment from pipes using professional jetting techniques.

Over time, the leach and distribution lines of your septic system can start to gather sludge. Sludge accumulation can inhibit water from draining effectively from the septic system. Using jetting techniques in combination with a vac truck, we can remove sludge from the leach lines, which in turn improves drainage function and prolongs septic system life span.