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At RT Lake, our seasoned professionals provide a complete range of septic tank pumping and waste removal services. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we are able to handle any commercial or residential job. Septic tank pumping must be performed on a regular basis in order to keep it functioning properly.


Sludge Removal:
We don’t just pump, we clean. When you have RT Lake INC do the job, we do it the right way every time. We are licensed in the state of New Hampshire for sludge management which is a process whereby the waste material in the tank is removed.


We service all tanks regardless of size. Whether it is a 1000 gallon tank or a 2000 gallon tank, we have you covered. With the lowest prices guaranteed, we provide the best service for the best deal.


Additional Services:

Don’t want the hassle of digging? No worries, we will dig for you!

Can’t find your tank? Don’t know where it is? No worries, we have the tools and the technology to find it for you in no time at all!



We know the prices of all our local competitors, and we know that ours are the best. Call today for a free estimate!